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Head and neck cancer is a sign

Head and neck cancer is a significant problem in our country, accounting for about a third of all cancer cases. Many important functions are performed in the head and neck area, including swallowing, calling, and articulation by organs. The purpose of preservation surgery is to eradicate the cancerous lesion while preserving the form and function of the affected limb as much as possible. - Head and neck cancer patients suffer from a variety of problems; for example: Difficulty breathing Chewing / swallowing difficulty Difficulty speaking Pain Psychological disturbances that follow a cancer diagnosis and fear of changes in their appearance Participating in food in their normal social setting Conduct personal hygiene Verbal Communication Pursue their professional and social activities Head and neck reconstructive surgery (plastic surgery) is performed to replace missing tissue with pieces of tissue from other parts of the body. This can be in the form of a skin graft, a pedicapped flap, or a free flap. Free flap reconstruction (microvascular surgery) has gained popularity over time to become the standard of care for large head & neck defects. The benefits of a free flap reconstruction include Better mouth opening Swallowing better First recovery to normal diet Better speech quality Better cosmetic result Bone reconstruction for upper and lower jaw defects Dental implant placement to restore chewing Better shoulder and neck movement Infection and scarring incidence "The ultimate goal of reconstructive surgery is to restore as much of the removed tissue's appearance and function as possible"

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